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Stop Lawsuits in Waldorf, MD

People you owe money to are considered creditors and they can file lawsuits against you, leaving you feeling helpless. This is especially true when you know that you owe the money and you want to pay it but can't. You might be tempted to do nothing about the lawsuit. After all, why fight it? That will just cost even more money, right? Wrong!
If you live have lived in Maryland for more than 120 days and you are facing lawsuits from creditors, call Greisman Bankruptcy Solutions to schedule a free consultation. You may not realize that you have rights under the bankruptcy law that can protect you. You also may not realize that doing nothing can have serious short and long-term consequences.

There is something that you can do that will put a stop to this process. 1 of the most obvious and easy answers is bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is all we do and we do it well. Bankruptcy will significantly slow, or in most cases, stop the creditors from contacting or suing you to collect a debt.
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